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Ozone Gel


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Ozone Gel is a powerful, safe, 100% natural alternative to addressing a wide variety of skin ailments such as acne, cuts, nappy rash, rashes, eczema, wrinkles, fungal infections, sunburn, bites & stings and can also be used  for headaches, liver detox and much more! 

 As a beauty product Ozone-enhanced gels are revolutionizing the skin care market. Pure oxygen molecules are suspended in ozonated olive oil as a gel and can be massaged into the skin, recapturing a baby-smooth appearance—the promise of Ozonated Gel. A healthy-glowing, revitalized skin results. Lines and wrinkles can be visibly reduced. The skin feels more supple and smoother.

 Used medically, Ozone increases the local oxygen supply to lesions, improves and accelerates wound healing, destroys bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. These micro-organisms are generally anaerobic; they thrive in oxygen-starved environments. When they come into contact with Ozone (or enriched Oxygen) their cellular walls are destroyed. Ozone achieves this without harming healthy cells or tissue.