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Alexa Rapp is an internationally certified Colon Hydrotherapist and has a background in personal healthcare. Her true passion lies in using natural methods in helping the body keep itself healthy and clean. She has performed over 14,000 colonics and had her own clinic in America for over 5 1/2 years. She has now had a clinic in New Zealand for close to 8 years. Alexa began with 3 years of nursing school and spent 2 years as a home health care aide. She has coupled her experience with knowledge of herbs and a variety of homeopathic remedies that can only enhance the process to complete and maintain your path to a cleaner and healthier body. Alexa also offers advice and products to aid the detox process such as Parasite cleansing herbs, antifungals, fibre drinks, probiotics, probiotic foods and healthy coffee.
You will find Alexa to be warm and comforting. Alexa has a way of calming any fears you may have about having a colonic by teaching you about your body during the cleansing process.
Wellness Wave has chairlift available making our premises accessible for all clients.

News .....
Ozone Colonics are now available!

Ozone has been used to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses for over 75 years. It is the strongest natural bactericide, fungicide, and viruside known to man.Ozone can be injected into colon, blood stream, joints, spine and muscles to treat almost any ailment there is.
During the colonic session ozone is pumped intermittently into the colon using a special oxygen concentrator and generator.

Benefits include
:stimulates detoxification of bacteria, fungus, viruses while leaving healthy cells alone.
:reduces lactic acid accumulation
:eliminates pain
:resolve chronic viral infections such as hepatitis and herpes :increase energy :treat auto immune diseases :slows down ageing

Add this to your Colonic for $40

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colonic Tauranga
Colon Hydrotherapy is an infusion of warm filtered water to gently bathe the large intestine or colon.
This promotes whole body detoxification.
 It is a safe, effective method of removing waste from the large intestine without the use of drugs.

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  • Relief from long-term symptoms and illness
  • Softens years of hardened faecal matter.
  • Increase of vitality and energy.
  • Weight management
  • Prevention from colon cancer.
  • Removal of yeast, worms, old mucous


Ozone Therepy Pod

Your body's tissues need an adequate supply of oxygen to function.
When tissue is injured, it requires even more oxygen to survive.

Oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen your blood can carry. An increase in blood oxygen temporarily restores normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection
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  • Relaxes and loosens muscles
  • Oxidizes toxins
  • Boosts blood circulation, helping injured muscles to repair quicker.
  • Relieves pain and speeds up the healing process.
  • Eliminates bacterial and viral infections.
  • Speeds up the metabolic processes resulting in a loss of 500 calories in a 30 minute session

Colonic Supplies


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Wellness Wave has chairlift available making our premises accessible for all clients.

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