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Detox Flush Drops

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Kiwikitz™Detox Flush Drops contain gentle, time proven traditional herbs recommended to:

  • cleanse - tone - protect
  • better health for both the liver and kidneys
  • indigestion relieving action
  • preventative action against toxic chemicals damaging liver tissue 
  • how to gently detox?
  • diuretic action (reduces fluid) 
  • cholesterol lowering herbs increase production of bile & reduces absorption of cholesterol in the intestine
  • anti-spasm action
  • circulation & digestive stimulant
  • supporting heart function
  • effect on the production of bile & fat-digesting enzymes

"Whenever I take the Detox drops & follow the Kiwikitz eating plan, the weight just peels off me and I feel energised and less 'congested"

Kiwikitz™  Detox contains Milk Thistle, Ginger, Globe Artichoke, Dandelion, Dan Shen, Barberry
Milk Thistle - this time proven herb assists in protecting the liver, stimulates bile flow, increases milk flow, has antiviral & antidepressant actions and has been shown to prevent toxic chemicals from damaging liver tissue. Commonly used in the treatment of cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Ginger - ginger root is a valuable addition to this remedy, promoting rapid transportation and increased absorption of the other herbals. Useful for anti-spasm conditions, ginger is antiseptic & a circulation & digestive stimulant.

Globe Artichoke - has a powerful effect on the production of bile & fat-digesting enzymes, stimulating liver function & lowering cholesterol levels (by increasing the production of bile & reducing absorption of cholesterol in the intestine). Less cholesterol is synthesized in the liver and more eliminated. Globe Artichoke has hepatoprotective action.

Dandelion - a hepatic and digestive tonic Dandelion stimulates bile flow and has diuretic & laxative action. Dandelion has a long history in aiding those with chronic skin conditions, arthritis, and oedema, lymphodema & general fluid retention i.e. swollen ankles.

Dan Shen (Salvia) - a traditional Chinese herb used for supporting heart and liver function. It is also used for eruptive and irritating skin problems including acne.

Barberry - assists in billary disorders i.e. gallbladder disease & indigestion and has traditional uses in easing inflammation & infection of the urinary tract, gastrointestinal & respiratory tract i.e. bladder infection, candida albican overgrowth, nasal, sinus & bronchial congestion & inflamed throat.

NOTE: Dan Shen should not be taken when taking Warfarin or any type of Anti-platelet drug - check with your Doctor.